Friday, June 13, 2008

Have you heard about Circle Journal Swap?

Here's a little history about Circle Journal which was called Round Robins then.

It started several centuries ago where ladies only quilted, cross-stitched or did needle work for pleasure and because they lived several miles away from their neighbor and friend and travel was not easy, therefore they were unable to share their ideas and techniques with each other.

Round Robins were started so that women could communicate and share techniques with each other.

The person who start the project will decide on the theme or tip & techniques they would like to share. After deciding the theme, they will work on the craft and send it to the next person who was participating in the Round Robin. The person will work on the item based on the theme and pass it to the next person in line. The item will go one round and finally after passing the item to all the participants the craft will be returned back to the person who started the project.

We will be having a Circle Journal Swap which is hosted by Fiona at our little forum. Interested to find out more about the Circle Journal Swap please visit our forum

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